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Ikebana 001

Off-white handmade ikebana vase. Its minimalist and elegant design highlights the delicacy of the flowers it holds, blending Japanese tradition with a contemporary touch.   Materiales: Glazed stoneware Dimensiones: width 14cm, height 11cm aprox Combine with a  Ø6cm kenzan - not included Details: Our pieces are handmade out of stoneware from our...
Used for ikebana flower displays. The brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as soft green and grass stems. Includes rubber base. Size: 115 x 33mm
This vessel complements the art of Japanese flower arrangement, adding an elegant and harmonious touch to your overall floral composition. Handmade in stoneware and glazed in matt white with a slight satin reflection.    Materials: Glazed stoneware Dimensions: width 23m, length 31cm aprox Combine with a Ø8cm kenzan - not included Details: Our pieces...
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